Since 1991 Bermuda has participated each year in the World Schools Debate Competition. The highest level of senior school debate in the world, the BDS is proud to sponsor the national team as they represent Bermuda each year.

Cree Dunn


Involved in activities across the academic and athletic spectrum, Cree is enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program and also recently completed her expedition to obtain her Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

Hailey O’Donnell


Hailey is in her first year of the International Baccalaureate program took the top speaker award at the 2019 Heart of Europe Tournament. Outside of debate Hailey plays tennis, and volunteers at Northlands Primary School.

Ywione Darrell


Fluent in french, Ywione is not only a debater but also a sportsman and youth parliamentarian. Ywione is an actor, Gold Key Ambassador at Saltus, and has been awarded both bronze and silver D of E awards.

Kristy Sanchez


Kristy has been involved in debate since middle school and recently won the best speaker award at the National Debate Tournament. Outside of debate, Kristy plays volleyball and is involved in the school play.

Genevieve Lau


Gen is in her first year of IB and has competed in debate both locally and internationally, taking second place with her teammates at the 2019 Heart of Europe Debate Tournament. In addition to debate, Gen is an avid sailor and swimmer.

Coy Kijaun Millett

Team Coach

A former Worlds debater, Coy took over as coach of the national team in 2019. Professionally, Coy is a consultant with a focus on policy analysis and communications strategy. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario, Coy finds it rewarding to train young critical thinkers to use research and their intellect to articulate convincing arguments; an invaluable lifelong skill. Coy has been debating since he was 8, is an alumni of Warwick Academy, and is a former Worlds debater (’10, Qatar).

Jacari Brimmer-Landy

Assistant Coach

A former and avid debater, Jacari attended Saltus and represented Bermuda at Worlds in 2008 (Washington), 2009 (Athens), and 2010 (Qatar). A graduate of the University of Toronto and City, University of London, Jacari is an Associate at one of Bermuda’s leading law firms, and uses his legal background as well as technical debate skills to equip students with the tools necessary to debate effectively.

Debate was the most critical tool for my personal, academic and professional development. It helped me to learn to think critically and analytically by helping me to see both sides of an argument. I credit debate with helping me to be successful in obtaining scholarships, doing well on interviews, negotiating various agreements, planning and developing strategy.

Collin Anderson
WSDC 1995 (Wales)