Meet Bermuda’s 2019 National Debate Team

Ywione Darrell


Fluent in multiple languages, Ywione is not only a debater but also a sportsman and youth parliamentarian. Ywione is an actor, a Gold Key Ambassador at Saltus, and has been awarded both bronze and silver D of E awards. Ywione is currently learning Italian and hopes to pursue law.

Kate Tobin

UWC Netherlands

A former Somersfield Academy student, Kate is a champion debater – having been a part of the winning Somersfield team at the 2019 Spring Tournament, as well as being one of the runners-up at the 2019 Heart of Europe tournament – where she also received the award for 4th best speaker overall.

Cree Dunn


Involved in activities across the academic and athletic spectrum, Cree is enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program and also recently completed her expedition to obtain her Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

Giselle Concepcion


Giselle is an all around performer, as well as a debater and youth parliamentarian. At school, Giselle is a Gold Key Ambassador and co-captain of the Saltus debate team. Giselle speaks spanish, and is also active within her church.

Robert Thomas

Berkeley Institute

A debater from middle school, Robert is also a youth parliamentarian and member of Berkeley’s student council. Robert is also a member of VEI, plays the baritone, and is an active member of his church, Heritage Worship Centre where he serves as a member of the island youth board.

Coy Kijaun Millett

Team Coach

A former Worlds debater, Coy took over as coach of the national team in 2019. Professionally, Coy is a consultant with a focus on policy analysis and communications strategy. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario, Coy finds it rewarding to train young critical thinkers to use research and their intellect to articulate convincing arguments; an invaluable lifelong skill. Coy has been debating since he was 8, is an alumni of Warwick Academy, and is a former Worlds debater (’10, Qatar).

Assistant Coach

We are currently in the process of recruiting an assistant coach to assist with the 2020 National Debate Team.