The Academy will introduce students to advanced debate fundamentals, improve their skills, and show them methods to better prepare themselves for debates. Further, the program will focus on the basics of debate and critical thinking, equipping students with the mindset and understanding necessary to debate successfully. The program has 36 spaces which are opened to primary and middle school students from public schools. The final Saturday will feature a 2-round tournament capped off by a final round for the highest-ranking teams in each age group.

Meet the Coaches

Coy Kijaun Millett

Coy took over as coach of the national and development teams in 2019. Professionally, Coy is a consultant with a focus on policy analysis and communications strategy. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario, Coy is a former Worlds debater (’10, Qatar) and finds it rewarding to train young critical thinkers to use research and their intellect to articulate convincing arguments; an invaluable lifelong skill.

Akilah Beckles

Akilah has extensive experience coaching, having been a volunteer coach locally as well as a former coach for the national debate team. Professionally, Akilah is a lawyer, serving as Legal Counsel at a local telecommunications company. Akilah is also a former debater, having participated in 2004 (Stuttgart, Germany) and 2005 (Calgary, Canada).

Jacari Brimmer-Landy

A former and avid debater, Jacari attended Saltus and represented Bermuda at Worlds in 2008 (Washington, DC), 2009 (Athens, Greece), and 2010 (Doha, Qatar). A graduate of City, University of London, Jacari is an Associate at one of Bermuda’s leading law firms, and uses his legal background as well as technical debate skills to equip students with the tools necessary to debate effectively.